William & Laura

William & Laura




Chapter I

Married Life

Laura and William Bush have been married for many years.

They have had a happy and devoted relationship over that period, but they have few friends they call on, or who might drop by to see them.

It isn’t that they are unfriendly people, or that the friends they have would not welcome them; it is just that that is the way they prefer things to be.

They have both had very large financial settlements; family bereavements and close family ties with successful people mean that they live in very comfortable style.

They met at a party in San Francisco. They fell in love and set out on a stormy but ardent relationship. Not long after that they decided to get married and did so in true English style.

They were married in a Church in a small English village with full decorum; confetti, white dress and bridesmaids, photographers and limousines.

They honeymooned in the Czech Republic and began to build their home in a remote Farmhouse near a small village in County Durham.

To begin with they enjoyed the company of quite a few good friends. People they could identify with, and also people they could work with. They held parties, invited people to Sunday lunch, or simply asked people to come around because they got on with them so well, but before too long they began to prefer to be left alone.

William and Laura had both had very privileged childhoods. Neither had ever wanted for anything and they had been sent to the best schools.

They were both creative and artistic.

They had built several studios into their home and had soundproofed one area so they could record music when they wanted to and the Farmhouse also had a small cellar.

The two acres of garden behind the Farmhouse was generally left to its own devices, but they did have a fair size glasshouse which they had painted white on the inside.

This reflected any heat from the sun and also hid the plants they had sown inside.

The garage held three cars. When she needed it Laura drove a yellow Volkswagen Beetle which was decorated with large bright purple flower blooms, but usually they went out in Williams red and black TR7.

The third car had been a wedding present and neither William nor Laura had ever driven it anywhere.

The other car was a black Aston Martin Vantage V8 (1977) and was worth more than the farmhouse. Occasionally William would dust it off and to keep it oiled, drive it down the lane to the main road and back.

William and Laura have travelled far and wide, with the substantial financial stability that they can enjoy they have been able to set off to anywhere on the globe at their whim.

Sometimes they have enjoyed a place so much they have considered uprooting to it, but they have rejected the idea of extra homes abroad as bourgeoisie, which they are not.

One of the reasons they began to prefer their own company after a few years of married life was that they began to realise that; the more time they spent living with each other, the more they fascinated one another and also, the deeper they fell in love.

Laura and William have filled their home with the things they like the most.

William is a military history enthusiast, and has accumulated a collection of militaria that he has promised Laura will not stretch to vehicles. She has had visions of his arriving home in an armed half-track or a tank someday, and has made him vow that this will never happen.

Laura’s passion is clothing and she has a particular love of period clothing. She has vast wardrobes in several of the rooms in the Farmhouse, and will often pose for William in a particular set of clothes.

William is an artist; he works in watercolour, pastel and ink. He can ask several hundreds of pounds for his art, and the galleries where they are sold can guarantee his work will not be on display for very long before they are sold.



Chapter II

Cellar Leather

The cellar of the Farmhouse is locked permanently.

William and Laura both have keys, but they need both to open the door to the steps down to it, and each keep their key hidden.

It isn’t that they don’t trust each other with the security of the cellar, well actually that is partly true, the cellar is where they keep the wine stocks, but there is much more to the cellar than one might expect.

After they bought the Farmhouse it was to the cellar they first turned to as they began to convert the Farmhouse into their home, and it is here that we find the other reason William and Laura far prefer the company of each other, than the company of their friends.

Sex, as an element in their lives, was like the oxygen in their lungs, it was the air that they breathed and they were never without it, in whatever form they chose.

When they were first married they made a point of making sure that each of them had whoever they desired. Their parties were infamous in certain circles and could often stretch on for days at a time.

Down in the cellar Laura and William had built what you would describe as a sex dungeon.

Some walls were a smooth dark red, some a rough brick stone and some were leather padded, all of them had manacles.

There were a number of other appliances and quasi-furniture, which had been purpose built for sadistic, sado-masochistic, kamasutric and fetish sex.

Sometimes, William would shackle Laura to the wall while they were throwing themselves around the Farmhouse in a state of frenzy, and then just leave her there.

He would leave her there for hours and hours on end.

Sometimes it was a method of getting his own way with something she didn’t like the idea of, but sometimes it was just his sense of humour.

She loved it, but only because she had learnt over time, to do exactly the same to him.



Chapter III

Cock and Bull

As can be the nature of the attainment of a near perfect lifestyle, the psyche and the human spirit begin to go to war and reject it. The psyche starts to look for ways of destroying it, the causes of it, or in a worst case scenario the self itself.

This is an affliction that is beginning to surface between Laura and William.

Thankfully they are astute enough to spot it.

“So what’s missing?” William is challenging Laura on the subject of boredom.

Laura pauses for some time to think:

“I don’t know …” she says “But we are bored aren’t we”

William finds it rather difficult to respond. He feels as offended as he does guilty, and he simply does not know what to say “I suppose we are” he finally manages.

“You know what I think?” Laura says, seemingly reaching something conclusive to offer.

William’s sarcastic streak is starting to surface “Pray tell!”

“We’re selfish”

The challenge has not gone unnoticed and William has begun to rise to the bait.

“Wait!” Laura exclaims raising her hand. She has spotted the telltale spots of flush in William’s cheeks which generally signify the first signs of an outburst of rage.

“…let me finish”

“We’re selfish because we haven’t even considered sharing what he have”

William is able, but he is struggling to hold down a screaming fit.

He is running through countless, priceless memories of what they have shared with their family and friends, in myriads of ways.

“You think we’ve become too isolated, is that it?”

Laura looks hurt, which isn’t lost on William.

“No, I mean share, bring someone else into our lives that we can share everything with…”

William is trying to read Laura’s face and failing “You mean like a guy……..or a girl?” he says.

Laura smiles wryly and shakes her head “No William, a child…”

William’s eyes go blank and he stays silent for some time…




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